An enchanting half-moon-shaped beach, with thin gravel and pebbles, Urbani beach stretches from the Urbani cavern and its high cliff to a rocky spur on the opposite side; the beach is protected by a natural reef and the smell of the surrounding pine trees fills the air.

On the strand there are two beach resorts and some restaurants

This is no doubt the most well-known beach in Sirolo.


Walking along the path that from Sirolo leads to the Urbani beach you will find a detour leading to "I Lavi", a cliff from which you can enjoy a fantastic view.


It’s a long beach made of white pebbles and sand overlooked by both extraordinary cliffs and Mediterranean scrub. The water here has an intense blue colour.

There are several resorts on the beach but in some points it is a free public beach. When northwest wind blows it’s ideal  for surfers. A bus service is available but it can also be reached by foot. 


It is a long beach of dark sand, pebbles and stones and this is why it is called “Sassi neri”, black stones. The sea is extraordinarily blue.

No beach resorts in this area, the environment is still unspoiled and this is the reason why it is the right choice for those who wish to enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of sea and nature; often destination of naturalists.


It’s a beach of white pebbles and stones and it is the symbol of both Sirolo and the Conero Riviera. Its name stems from the twin rocks rising from the sea. It can only be reached by sea. This stretch of coast has an uncontaminated and savage landscape, with a crystal clear blue sea and a sloping sea bottom perfect for scuba diving. In the past this beach could be reached by foot leaving from Mount Conero and walking through the "Passo del lupo" (wolf pass) a path that today is closed for safety reasons.

Boats for the Due Sorelle beach leave several times a day from the Numana marina. For further information please visit:

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