The regional Conero natural park is a protected area around Monte Conero: 572 m of Mediterranean scrub perched over the sea. The Park was created in 1987.

The name Conero comes from the greek “Kamaros”, the strawberry tree (in Italian “corbezzolo”), a characteristic evergreen shrub-like tree that in autumn produces its typical berries with a colour that ranges from orange to dark red. The strawberry tree is typical of the Conero area.  

It is possible to walk alone or, better, with expert guides along the 18 paths twisting and turning within the park woods. It is possible to watch its uncontaminated nature, discover its rich plant life made of over 100 protected species: a perfect habitat for the many birds of pray arriving in spring every year.

There are also precious historic and artistic sites to be visited as, for example, the Torre di Guardia (Guard Tower) and the Romanesque church Santa Maria, in the Portonovo bay.

Discover the Conero Park also means discover its products and flavours: oil, honey and “Rosso Conero", the typical red wine produced in this area.